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Are you ready to start branding your business?

We help your businesses create a brand experience that integrates their offerings into the lives of their customers.

Honestly, your company’s branding could be as impactful as the big box brands dominating.


Catchall, sales-y marketing isn’t as effective as it once was. Customers are smart! They want to engage with thoughtful branding that feels personal to them and demonstrates how what you offer can improve their lives. 


That’s where I come in.


We provide the power and expertise of an in-house creative team to help you brand your business and create content that turns followers into customers.

Your company's brand is getting lost.

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Meet Your



Hi, I’m Jordan Simone! I am here to create, plan and deliver a strategic vision for your business’ brand and its marketing assets. I have worked with large corporations to start-ups, helping them create impactful brands and transforming their customers' experience. With me as their collaboration partner, they have been able to stand out and expand realm of how to connect and convert their customers.


Assess Where Your Brand Is

Is your branding mature & growing or just starting out?

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Create your Brand

New company ready to brand their business & connect with customers.

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Branding Refresh

Established company pivoting toward new goals or audiences.

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In-House Team

A company needing a creative partner for content production.

Jordan Simone Branding and

Branding happens

at any stage.

From startup to rebirth, maintaining a consistent, identifiable brand is paramount. Larger companies have multiple large teams to help them ideate, plan and execute their vision for how their customers should experience their brand. As a smaller business, you may be hiring contractors that can only help them with one part of the process strategy, design, digital, etc.


We provide a comprehensive, seamless experience, taking your brand from strategy to launch.