Jordan Simone

"It's upsetting to me and my homegirls"

- a wise woman who attended Bella Noche

Hi, I'm Jordan Simone!

I've been a brand designer + content producer for nearly a decade. I am here to work with you to make defining your brand + creating content easy & impactful. I don't take investing in your business lightly. We are here to use strategy, proven methodology + research to shape your company's brand & turn those followers into customers.


(Remember: Your brand is just not your logo)

Why isn't your company standing out?

You've built this company with a great offering, but you may be missing the key 🔑  that will help those people on the fence to take action.


What differentiates grassroots businesses from big box companies is simple...the perception of your company in the minds of your audience.

This is where I come in, I work with you to shape your brand experience leaving the right perception.​​

In working with me, you will:

  • Develop a true, detailed understanding of your ideal customer - their lifestyle, their desires and how best to communicate to them

  • Establish a brand identity (logo, brand mark, colors, etc.) that is distinguishable from others in your industry and has a unique correlation to your company + its values

  • Build your website as a hub for your company's operations. Social media is an effective tool, but it's a platform that you don't own and have limited control over. You want a central location for someone to reach you directly and find all the information they need to know about engaging with your company

  • Learn + execute multimedia content (graphics, photos, video) using industry best practices of engaging your ideal customer effectively​​

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Define Your Brand

Learn how you can get started working to build the foundation to making your company's brand stand out.