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If you're new here, I'd like to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Jordan Simone and I've been a content producer + brand designer for nearly a decade.

As a New Orleans native, my favorite activity will always include food 🥘 & drink 🍹 - Of course, COVID, so we're in the house right now, but believe me food & drink are still involved. I love meeting new people so please connect with me on Instagram. I could ramble on forever, but the best place to really get to know me is my origin story.

So, we're taking it waaaaay back to the beginning.

This all happened by chance. It started in a high school photography course. I went to a performing arts high school and just knew I would go on to be a dancer. To keep us well-rounded they required us to take an elective in another art form. Once I stepped into that photography class, I was hooked. The combination of the artistic expression and the science behind how the camera catches & refracts light to give images was fascinating to me - I had to know more.

I established my business in college, taking graduation and family photos, but along the way I was introduced to design. I should have my PhD from Youtube University because I watched as many videos as I could to learn about the design programs, color theory, typography and more. I was determined to build my photography businesses visual brand from scratch. That’s when I fell in love with the entire creative process of shaping a brand. What was I providing? Who was I providing it for? How did I want my clients to feel about my business? The list goes on and on, but that was the moment it clicked. I didn’t want to just be on the backend - I wanted to have my hand in every part of the process.

Through many years of working full-time and contracting at other companies, I realized there were major pieces of the process being skipped to provide a pretty product. The visual was only a part of it - the intention behind it, the why or strategy, needed to be at the forefront of the process. In comes, Jordan Simone Branding & Production. I've been afforded the opportunity to help brands through the journey from development to maintenance, campaigning and more.

Be sure to keep in touch & tune back in.

Love & Light,

Jordan ♥️

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