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Why I choose to create a personal brand to launch my business?

Many creators hate being in the spotlight myself included. I aim to have my work speak for itself. I noticed my clients come to me because of my personality. They like working with me, how my mind works and what I can produce for them. So why should I take the backseat? It came from a place of being nervous or unsure of what that looked like for me. I’m not an influencer by any means, but if my business is me and I like it that way why not share that with people.

Why is this so important?

It became obvious to me as social media became more and more prevalent in business. It's not a rule, but the people/clients are already there so why not meet them where they are?

To that point, I began to think about why they should go with me? My work is great and I’m a kind person, but that doesn’t always close the sale. Times are changing. Creators are being asked their opinions outside of art. Creators are acting as change agents. So I began to dive into what’s the idea of why people spend their money - it’s a trust that you’ll get what’s advertised. It is normal to read reviews and ask friends their opinion before you buy. That same behavior happens when you're hiring a creative collaborator. My job isn't to takeover, but to execute and help with your vision. I want new clients to be able to trust me and my ability.

From BTS to in front of the camera

As a wallflower in business, this hasn’t been an easy journey. I didn’t even have pictures of myself. With social distancing and work from home, I haven’t had an occasion to dress up. Many people hire a photographer and ask for their direction. While charting this new path, I wanted to get comfortable in front of the camera and my vision. I bought a trigger so I could do some self-portraits and figure out my style. I’m by no means traditional and I don’t want my brand to be that. So how do I come authentically to the table?

I found a couple of concepts that can help anyone get started on their personal branding.

How can you get started?

Find your voice

I figured out very early that I’m very conversational. I like to talk. I could write how you would submit your college essays, but that’s not unique to me. What’s unique is how I speak. I write how I talk often. When a potential client visits my platforms, I want them to get a glimpse into the experience it is to work with me. That way I attract people that are interested in that. It’s the worst when you have clients that have the expectation for you to replicate another creative’s work.

Define Your Personality

As I was planning my first branding shoot for myself, I thought about my style. There is a “professional” or “business casual” dress code that is acceptable. That dress code isn't unique to anyone. It was created for uniformity. So, I thought about what was comfortable to me. How do I feel the cutest or most confident and dressed as such. What’s funny is your apparel isn’t the only place this occurs. Have you ever looked at a logo or website and could determine the personality of the company? They are guiding you through how you should think of their brand. With my logo, it was simple - I like structure with creativity to bring it all together.

Create an Experience

How do you work best? Are you a multi-tasker like myself? Do you like listening to music? Do you have to segment your day? Figure it out! You want your ideal customer to get an insight into how it will be to work with you. It can be as simple as gifs in your emails or quotes on your website. Your personal brand helps you find your tribe and connect with people. It will help you create lasting relationships.

This was hours of setup, makeup and checkups.

Love & Light,

Jordan ♥️

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