Assess Where Your Brand Is

Is your branding mature & growing or just starting out?

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Create your Brand

New company ready to brand their business & connect with customers.

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Branding Refresh

Established company pivoting toward new goals or audiences.

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In-House Team

A company needing a creative partner for content production.

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Create Your Brand

This is designed for new companies. We will work through getting to know your target audience, distinguishing your brand from competitors, setting up your central business hub and creating content ton introduce your brand.


You will receive:

  • Brand Messaging Strategy + Guide

  • Full Brand Identity Kit + Guide

  • Website Design

  • Introductory Marketing Assets

Branding Refresh

If you are an established company, this is for you. We will work to understand your company's history to inform your future goals and brand experience. This package is focused on building from past success and charting a path towards future growth.


You will receive:

  • Brand Messaging Strategy + Guide

  • Full re-Branding Identity Kit + Guide

  • Website Re-Design

  • Marketing Assets

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Jordan Simone | In-House Team Content Pr


In-House Team

You have built a business running like a well oiled machine, but designing, filming and creating content doesn't exactly fit into that schedule, but you want to continue to generate leads. We are here to be your in-house creative team working with your marketing/promotion schedule to ideate + execute multi-media content for your company's brand.

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Stay In Touch!

We are a community - we all can win. If you're not ready to make that investment in your business, follow me. I offer a lot of free content sharing tips + tricks of how to build your companies brand experience. Everyone starts somewhere - Let me be your virtual branding mentor.